Our location at the top of Ruka provides a unique setting for enjoying the tranquil scenery and local nature. If you wish to bring activities into your stay, we offer many options to choose from. You can immerse yourself in relaxing activities or exciting adventures in the breathtaking nature of Ruka and Kuusamo.

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Activities and guided tours are for guests staying at Ruka Peak​


Yoga in sauna lounge

Yoga & Sauna Yoga

Yoga is a great way to greet the sun in the morning and to calm down in the evening. Our yoga classes are suitable for all levels: no previous experience is required, advanced yogis are also welcome. Yoga classes are hosted at the hotel. Sauna yoga is an especially effective way to calm the mind and to relieve stress.

Duration and prices of yoga classes vary

Yoga in the forest

Forest Yoga

In forest yoga, you get to experience the beautiful scenery of Ruka and immerse yourself in nature. Yoga practice and meditation help you ground and feel more balanced.Duration and prices of yoga classes vary
Duration and prices of yoga classes vary


Activities Ruka Peak

Trip to our secret hut

Go on a snowshoe hike in the nearby surroundings to enjoy the stunning scenery. Your guide tells you about the life, culture, history, and nature of the area. Sit under the snow-covered trees and enjoy the beauty of the north. During the trip, we visit our secret hut, where we light a fire and enjoy the atmosphere. We offer hot drinks and small snacks on the trip.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 140€/person – minimum 2 person


Experience winter wonderland on snowshoes. Guided snowshoeing trip can be arranged to the breath taking Riisitunturi National Park or to nearby hills. Our local guide will tell stories about the nature around. You can also try snowshoeing in the surroundings of Ruka Peak.


Reindeer Safari

In wintertime, the reindeer owners herd their reindeer. Come and see these beautiful animals up close and experience a traditional sleigh ride!

Duration: 2 hours
Price: Ask for price

Husky safari

Husky Safari

Experience the Winter of Kuusamo and thrill of speed unlike ever before, from the back of a husky sled. Two-person sled is pulled by a team of 6 huskies and the safari is guided by a professional guide.

Duration: min. 2 hours
Price: Ask for price


The slopes of Ruka are open for downhill skiing during the season. There are also plenty of beautiful cross-country skiing trails around Ruka. Should you need help with equipment or planning a route, we are more than happy to assist. Our guest can rent gear with a discount from our partner HILL Ski Rent.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

During the Winter we experience a phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern lights. Though we cannot predict exactly where and when they will be visible, book a winter night snowshoeing trip and our local guide will take you to where the Northern lights are most likely to be seen on that night.


Summer nature

Arctic Summer Night Walk

During the Summer, we experience a phenomenon known as the midnight sun. In June-July, the sun doesn’t set at all for weeks. Our guided walk or a hike in the middle of the night will take you to experience the magic of the midnight sun. Arctic Summer Night walk will take you to the nearby hills, calm lakes, and tranquil nature.
Valtavaara trail

Hiking & Forest Walks

Hiking is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of our nature. A walk in the forest is a shorter and lighter option to hiking. Guided tours of all levels can be arranged in surrounding national reserves and hills. Snacks and coffee will be provided for shorter hikes, lunch can be provided in the forest for longer hikes.
Valtavaara trail

Silent Walk in the Forest

Sometimes all you need is a moment of silence. Let your mind be still and open your senses to the nature in this guided moment of silence. This is a great way to learn the art of being a Finn!


For the thrill seekers, the rapids of Oulanka river offer an opportunity for rafting – a true outdoors experience that will get the adrenaline pumping!
Duration: depends on the route
Price: 50-120€/person

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