Boutique hotel and restaurant Ruka Peak is going through a change with the next generation taking over and is now looking for a new team of hospitality professionals. Are you passionate about customer service, nature and developing yourself? Are you hoping to work in a place that supports both you professional as well as your personal growth? Are you looking for a change of scenery? If so, this is for you!

Ruka Peak is a Boutique hotel and Restaurant, operating at the peak of the Ruka hill in Kuusamo, Finland. The hotel consists of six rooms and two suites, a Sauna spa and a restaurant that serves the hotel guests through the day and all visitors for dinner, as well as larger groups and companies. Restaurant Ruka Peak opens its doors for the coming season fresher than ever, being ran by the top chef and Finnish Bocuse D’or president Matti Jämsen. The family business will be taken over by Sanna Kuusiniemi, the daughter of the founders Marita and Hannu Kuusiniemi.”

“At restaurant Ruka Peak we will utilize locally sourced, seasonal high-quality ingredients. Innovative yet simplistically prepared, delicious and beautiful food. I want the food to deliver the experience that Ruka Peak stands for: a place away from any hustle and bustle, surrounded by the wild and pure landscape”. - Matti Jämsen

Now is the time for us to gather a brand-new team of wonderful people around us, to make this new dream become a reality. We offer the opportunity to work surrounded by stunning nature in a place where you will get to provide incredible experiences to the guests while also developing yourself personally and professionally. In order to be successful, you should be able to think on your feet, be passionate about providing wold-class customer experiences, and play well with others. In our small hotel we support each other and work together towards our mutual goals. We know that though extremely rewarding at best, hospitality work can also be draining at times. That’s why we are serious about offering you resources, opportunities and helping you maintain your personal and professional wellbeing.


Our team values are:

Hospitality – We are known for our hospitality and it is important for us to give the best possible experience to our guests. We can teach a lot, but we can’t teach genuine hospitality. So, we hope you value it as much as we do.

Nature – We are located in a stunning part of the Finnish Lapland, Kuusamo, at the top of the Ruka peak, overlooking the ski slopes and natural reserve. This is a big reason for our guests to visit us, and we hope our employees also appreciate all the opportunities this provides us with. We encourage all our employees to enjoy and take the most out of the balancing, calming effect of the nature.

Community – This is seasonal work, and we have the pleasure to spend a lot of time with our team. Therefore, it is important for us to build a community where we can all feel like home. Every day we serve a family meal for all our staff.

Professional wellbeing and passion – We want to be the best. So, it is important to us, that our people also want to be the best in what they do. We do everythingwe can to support your professional development.

Personal wellbeing – It’s no secret working in hospitality can be draining. We know this, and we want to do everything we can to make sure our employees are healthy and happy. We work with the global non-profit Healthy Hospo to make sure we offer resources and help for you to maintain your personal wellbeing at Ruka Peak.

Do these values sound like you? Can you see yourself spending the coming season in a true winter wonderland, in the Finnish Lapland? If so, here’s what we offer:

We offer you:

  • A full working week at Ruka Peak (approx. 40 h/w)

  • Good hourly salary (depending on your experience)

  • Help with accommodation (your rent will be 300-400 € pm)

  • Daily meal (our family feasts together at 15.30 every day)

  • Weekly yoga classes (available many days a week)

  • Professional trainings

  • Guided hiking tours

  • A place to truly focus on your career and on yourself. A stunning scenery, a new type of experience and a chance to meet all sorts of people from all over the world. You will need to get yourself to Kuusamo, Finland, and we will help with all the rest. (there’s an airport here so if you are flying, you will be just fine!)

We are looking for:

from 25.11.2019

  • Head Chef

  • Kitchen shift leader

  • Floor manager

from 2.12.2019

  • Cooks

  • Waiting staff

  • Food runners

  • Cleaner

So, what next?

Send your CV and a cover letter to and we will be in touch shortly. Hope to see you at the top of the Ruka hill soon. It’s good to be on the top!

“Ruka Peak has been a dream that has been built wholeheartedly, with great love and care. A vision that is being made a reality every day”. Now we are seeking for you, to be a part of making our customers dreams come true!

Sanna Kuusiniemi & Matti Jämsen