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Together with Travia wines Ruka Peak is bringing the most northern Chianti experiences to beautiful mountains of Ruka. Wine is flowing with warm laughter when long tables are filled with Italian delicasies and local ingredients are brought to table with an Italian twist. 

Dinner is served twice. First one omn Friday is a family style dinner and second one on Saturday is a five course chef menu style dinner. Evening starts with antipasto serving at Peak terrace and quality wines from Chianti region are going to be tasted throughout the dinner 


  • Guido Vitali & Vicky Scmitt-Vitali - Le Fonti
  • Fabrizio Nistri - Vignole
  • Monia Piccini ja Franco Guarducci - Il Palagio
  • Cosimo Gericke - Rignana  

SATURDAY 25.3.2018

12am-3pm wine tasting 20€/person. 

Tasting: 2 x Chianti Classico + 2 x Chianti Classico Riserva + 2 x Super Toscana

Dinner 79€/person 

6pm Cocktails and antipasto at Ruka Peak terrace
7pm Chef´s menu 5 courses.

Wine tastings also with the dinner. 


Savukirjolohi moussea ja muikunmätiä
Smoked salmon-trout mousse and vendace roe


Punajuurikeittoa ja vuohenjuustoa
Beetroot soup and goat cheese


Hirvenfilettä ja pancetta-perunakakku 
Filet of elk and pancetta-potato cake


Kotimaisia juustoja ja siemen-näkkileipää 
Finnish cheeses and crisp bread


Haudutettua raparperia, kauraa ja kanelijäätelöä
Braised rhubarb, oat and cinnamon ice cream

Reservations by email or Phone +358 8 868 4100