The speciality of Ruka Peak is the Sauna World built into a cave in the west wing of the building.

Bathing in a traditional smoke sauna underground is an experience you will never forget. The evening will be completed with a leisurely bath in a bath barrel under the dark sky lit by stars and northern lights. There are two caves altogether, the first with a changing room, a shower room and smoke sauna. In the second cave there is a lounge with a wood-burning fireplace, and toilets. Between the caves there is a roomy terrace with a bath barrel big enough for 8-10 people and a massaging whirlpool bath for 7 people.

Drinks are served to the Sauna World and it is also possible to order sauna tapas and champagne there! The price includes towels and sauna hats and also bathing suits, if necessary. The Sauna World is also rented for customers who are not staying in our hotel.

Remember to make your booking well before, it takes up to 7 hours to warm the smokesauna.


At the Sauna World you can also enjoy a wide variety of different relaxing treatments like: hot stone massage, blueberry-., rose pedal and facial treatments. The treatments are also available for groups. Explore the selection below and remember to book in advance.



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Sanna Juga is a massage-, ayurveda-, and horstmann diplomatherapist and a make-up artist. We offer massages, pampering treatments, Ayurveda, Hortsmann therapy and beauty treatments. See below full list of treatments and prices.

Ask also our Wellness programs for groups !

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