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Ruka Peak is your ideal venue for gatherings of 2-30 people. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, our boutique hotel and nearby villas offer unique meeting spaces. Unwind in our Sauna World after productive days, featuring a traditional smoke sauna, hot tub, and jacuzzi. Conclude with a cozy dinner at our restaurant. 

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We can provide your group transportation to and from the hotel, as well as full transportation services during your stay. Prices vary.


Masto Lounge & Top Terrace

Our multipurpose area is on the upper floor. Masto Lounge is a modern place for meetings, equipped with video screen and room up to 20 persons. In addition to workshops and meetings, dinner for up to 30 people can also be served on the terrace. The Top Terrace area is fully heated although the double glass doors can be opened for enjoying the warming sunlight of a spring or summer day.

Susi Lounge

Susi Lounge is located on the middle floor. In this entertainment centre, you can watch films, play games, and enjoy the company of your friends in front of a fireplace. The room is suitable for 16 persons.

Restaurant & Wine Cellar

Our dining room serves up to 45 people. The wine cellar is located next to the dining room and it is suitable for 20 persons.

Kiuta Sauna Lounge

Our Kiuta Sauna Lounge is completed with a wood-burning fireplace. The room is suitable for 16 persons.

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Please note: Breakfast and dinner catering are possible to the villas.


Juhannuskalliontie 27 A,
FI-93830 Rukatunturi, Finland
+358 (0)8 868 4100

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