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Boutique Hotel and Restaurant Ruka Peak undergoes a change in concept with the new generation management

. Ruka Peak, beloved hotel and restaurant at the top of the Ruka hill refreshes its concept lead by the next generation management and a brand-new team. The restaurant will be ran by the acclaimed top chef Matti Jämsen and the business operations are fully transferred to Sanna Kuusiniemi, the daughter of the founders Marita and Hannu Kuusiniemi.

“Ruka Peak has been a dream, that has been built wholeheartedly, with great love and care. A vision that we are making a reality, every single day. I have been honoured to be a part of the Ruka Peak story since the foundations were laid, and to see this building grow and evolve all the way to this day. In the beginning this idyllic location was meant to serve as a Bed & Breakfast at the peak of the Ruka hill. However, once we opened the hotel the demand for a restaurant was already clear. As a customer focused business, we decided to answer the call. The last 14 years on this journey have been incredibly fulfilling and filled with steep learning curves.”, Sanna Kuusiniemi says.

Ruka Peak Boutique hotel, restaurant and spa is a family business that was built by the founding couple Marita and Hannu Kuusiniemi, at their dream location at the peak of Ruka. For the past 14 years Peak has been serving guests at the top, developing their business model and has found its place in the hearts of tourists and locals visiting Ruka. Now it’s time for Ruka Peak to shed its skin and even further improve its concept. 

The revisions of the concept will be visible in the hotel, and particularly in the restaurant side of the business. In the upcoming season until spring Ruka Peak will serve only the hotel guests during the day as a place to relax and enjoy the calm and quiet and will open for all guests for the evening as a high-quality dinner restaurant. 6.3.2020 we will celebrate the annual Champagne Terrace opening and after this we will be open for the crowd the whole day until the end of the season. This strategic change is based on the original vision of Ruka Peak, to be a haven of peace and a home away from home. 

As the restaurant operations will be empahized on the dinner service, the menu will also undergo a change. Restaurant Ruka Peak will be taken forward by the acclaimed top chef and Finnish Bocuse d’Or president Matti Jämsen. 

“I am very happy to become a part of the Peak family, and to be bringing a whole new type of high-quality dining experience to Ruka. At restaurant Ruka Peak we will utilize locally sourced, seasonal high-quality ingredients. Innovative yet simplistically prepared, delicious and beautiful food. I want the food to deliver the experience that Ruka Peak stands for: a place away from any hustle and bustle, surrounded by the wild and pure landscape”, says Matti Jämsen.

The upcoming changes at Ruka Peak are in line with the overall trends in tourism right now. Travellers more than ever are looking for peace, nature and authentic food and experiences as well as healthy hedonistic activities. For the latter, Ruka Peak will continue to offer yoga classes, guided hiking tours and the opportunity for many other personalized experiences for the hotel guests. The decision to close the day-to-day operations of a traditional slope side lunch restaurant ensure that the experience of the hotel guests will be elevated even higher than before. In addition to this, Ruka Peak will be focusing even more on organizing retreats, holiday packages and serving large groups and companies.

 Founder Hannu Kuusiniemi says: “With the change of the generation in our business we will continue on the road we have always been on: listening to and led by the needs and wants of our guests, highlighting quality and heartfelt hospitality. I see many years of growth and stability in front of us. This is a great place for us to continue from. It is good to be on the top!”

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