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The speciality of Ruka Peak is the Sauna World built into a cave in the west wing of the building. Bathing in a traditional smoke sauna underground is an experience you will never forget. The evening will be completed with a leisurely bath in a bath barrel under the dark sky lit by stars and northern lights. After the relaxing sauna experience, you can have a cosy dinner at the restaurant.
We have two separate cave saunas, one equipped with changing rooms, shower, and the smoke sauna. The second (our house sauna) is equipped with a lounge, wood-burning fireplace, and bathrooms. The caves are bridged together with a spacious terrace and a bath barrel for 8-10 persons and a massaging jacuzzi for 7 persons.
Drinks are served to the Sauna World, and it is possible to order sauna tapas for 15€/person. Note that the sauna area is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks and own drinks are forbidden.
Sauna World is also rented for customers who are not staying in our hotel (see prices below). Option for the house sauna to be heated is included in your stay.

Sauna Experience

A comprehensive sauna experience includes the traditional smoke sauna, outdoors jacuzzi, and bath barrel. Sauna world can be rented for 3 hours and the price includes towels, slippers and sauna hats. You can also have a sauna professional to tell you about the history and traditions of sauna, and to help you make the most of this age-old Finnish practise.
Sauna World with both hot tubs: 700€ + 30€/person
Sauna world with one hot tub: 650€ + 30€/person


+358 (0)8 868 4100 /
Remember to make your booking well before, as it takes up to 7 hours to warm the smoke sauna.

Treatments & Massage

Our guests also have the opportunity to book relaxing massages and treatments. Treatments can be arranged either here at Ruka Peak or in Ruka Village. We are happy to help you find the perfect relaxing treatment!

Juhannuskalliontie 27 A, FI-93830 Rukatunturi, Finland / +358 (0)8 868 4100

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